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The journey started ten years ago with some great milestone projects adding to its success story. The company operations span all aspects of real estate development from identification and acquisition of land to marketing of projects.

The ability to choose the right land and keeping buyers delighted is an art which TM Constructions has mastered.

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Home-buying has, is and will always be a wise investment. The real estate industry is an important hub in the wheel of commerce. Factoring in the residential, commercial and industrial domains, real estate literally drives the economy - creating jobs, livelihoods, inflow for banks in terms of interest on loans; Governments benefit with the various taxes and charges levied, investors enjoy steady return on investments... when the going is good, it is win-win for all involved.

We at T M Constructions, are leaving no stone unturned in making home-buying as lucrative as possible for you, the end-user. We are embracing new technology both in construction and security systems, following green norms, creating sustainable properties with best-in-class amenities, and making optimal use of the land within your property to ensure we create future-proof homes that will stand the test of time for generations to come. A home, after all, is the investment of a lifetime. Here at T M Constructions, we strictly follow a zero tolerance principle where it concerns quality of construction, workmanship and adherence to time lines. Result, "owner's delight every square foot!".

I hope I made your time worthwhile, reading my thoughts on this topic.

Take care and stay safe.

Debasish Panda (CEO)
T M Constructions

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
- Benjamin Franklin -

Quality construction was our first priority while designing and planning the buildings. Not only PREMIUM building materials have been used everywhere but also the required homework like soil test, testing of materials, testing of concretes etc as per Indian Code of Practices and also following National Building Code which ensures that the building is earthquake resistant as well as corrosion proof. Furthermore, all the structural drawings have been made by qualified structure engineers. In order to deliver the best, we have partnered with the best products and supervised by experienced engineers and site executives.

We at TM, have meticulously reviewed our designs for compatibility and effectiveness with the local environment for both pre, during and post-construction operations. All the professionals related to construction work have been given adequate quality training so as to enhance project quality.

Er. Ramesh Chandra Panda, M Tech(Civil)
Engineer in Chief


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